Sunday, 20 March 2011

Jonathan Stead Photography: Color experiments

Jonathan Stead Photography: Color experiments:

                                                                                       "I developed my initial color 5x4 shots today in the C41 machine, they are various films, some neg some slide. The woodland shot was pinhole and my new favorite film. The colors are amazing can't wait to play more with this one. I think it is a consequence of the 5 minute exposure though.

Others are Ektachrome and normal neg film. The watering can and pots were 5x4 with simple lens, hand as shutter.

The cross processed ones seem a little over exposed and they definitely do not like yellow it just burns out. These are experiments towards my pro work, I think I can get some shots using the quirky colors that appear this way, I like the way color is effected by the light.

Why am I attracted to all faults?"