Saturday, 19 February 2011


After constantly resenting the idea of having a blog to post ideas, inspiration and prediminatly the work of others, I've finally given in to this creative calling, as I feel it will be for the best as I start a new and exciting university brief.

The brief is to shoot, print and exhibit a magazine in the space of 5 weeks. I will be undertaking this challenge with Graphic Design student Maddie Amor.

The brief we were given is as follows...

Create a magazine in collaboration with the Graphics students.

Magazine has four sections.
Each section could be the cover story and feature.
Or a section of the magazine.

Four sections are:

Profile (person/portrait)
Gardening/Green issues
Still-life (Shopping/beauty etc)

You need to shoot a cover and feature for each of the four sections.

You need to produce a PDF and a printed copy of your magazine.

For the launch you should also produce a display pane and promotional material.

As a group decide on which of your sections work best to produce a compendium copy for guests at the launch.

Produce PR for launch on 25th March. Set-up displays on Thursday 24th for Friday.


  • 1 section must be shot on 5X4
  • 1 section must be at least partly black and white
  • 1 section must be at least partly colour
  • 1 section must be shot digitally
  • There should be at least one double page spread photograph
  • 1 section should feature at least in part movement within the images (frozen or blurred)
Key elements are:

Technical quality
Working to specific layouts